What Can Boost Your Beverage Popularity?

Manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve their beverage label design. Here are a few examples of what you can do to make your beverage label more eye-catching and to draw the customers’ attention to your beverage.

  • “No label“ look
  • Scannable QR barcode
  • Embossing
  • Foil stamping

“No label“ look

Clear filmic materials are perfect for mineral water and wine labels. Manufacturers are always looking for even thinner materials, in order to give their beverages an elegant look. Transparent label lets your product show through parts of the label design and lets the consumer know that the beverage is “pure, fresh, clean, cool.“

Scannable QR barcode

QR codes are becoming more popular throughout the world. With the expansion of smartphone users, marketing professionals are using every opportunity to take advantage of this new technology and put a scannable barcode on a billboard, magazine, product label, etc.

Scannable barcode allows the phone with the right software to scan it, decode it and redirect the phone’s browser to a URL with the information on the image coded in the QR.

Thus, users can learn more about products they are interested in. Beverage manufacturers are right to turn to this method od promoting their products, especially since beverage labels have limited space for all the information that might interest the buyers (for example, a lot of beverage labels cannot provide detailed nutritional information because of limited space).

QR codes are especially popular among the younger population.


Embossing is a technique for pressing an image onto a material using dies, to create a relief image that is raised above the level of the material. This technique can really make a difference in the visual effect of your beverage label. It can be used to highlight components within your label design, or it can be applied to the entire surface of a label to give it a special look.

Embossing does not interfere with your choice of label shape, size and color, and most importantly, it is very cost-effective.

Foil stamping

Foil stamping is a special printing process in which a thin foil with the label design is applied onto the label surface. Foil stamping can be done on any material and is used to draw attention to the label with its metallic (usually gold or silver) sheen. It can even be combined with embossing to give it a special 3D look.