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Beverage Labels University

Beverage Labels U is the most relevant source of information on Beverage Labels you will find. What information is required on wine labels? What are the standard dimensions for beer labels? Which type of printing is the most cost effective? The links below will take you to everything you need to know in order to purchase the right kind of beverage labels.

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Beverage producers must bear in mind that, due to the nature of their product, beverage labels need to be moisture-resistant. We specialize in creating high-quality beverage labels and stickers that will stay applied on the bottle as long as necessary and in any transportation, storage and temperature conditions. Here you’ll find some types of beverage labels that we can manufacture for you, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact us to discuss the full scope of our products and services.

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Why is a compilation of clear and informative texts about beverage labels. It is designed to provide you with full information on all beverage labels there are, so you won’t have to search for it in several different places. In order to decide on a beverage label and make a purchase, first you need to learn what the elements of a beverage label are, and how they come together to make a label that will both invite a customer and serve its purpose on the beverage bottle throughout all weather conditions. We want to be as helpful but concise as possible. Our wish is to equip you with enough knowledge on wine, beer, soft drinks, mineral water, etc. labels, so that you can make a sound choice. With there are no regrets.