Top coating

If your choice of label stock is paper, you will definitely need to topcoat your beverage label, because paper is not resistant to most environmental conditions.

Top coating is a method of applying different materials over the label stock to protect it from scratching, fading, moisture, UV, freezing, etc. Here are some ways you can protect your beverage label:

  • Varnish
  • Lamination


Varnish is a type of transparent heat-cured coating on the label’s surface that helps prevent ink rubbing off. It also protects the material from abrasion, sunlight, chemicals and moisture. It comes in gloss, matt and crystal. It has no color, but pigment can be added to the varnish, if you want it tinted.


Lamination is a protective film that sticks to the label. It protects the ink from scratches, fading, environmental influences, etc. It looks like a clear tape and can enhance the label graphics. High gloss lamination is an option for labels that need to shine. Matt lamination gives the label a muted, subtle, elegant look. Outdoor lamination is best used for labels that will be used outdoors. It has a high gloss finish with UV resistance.