Beverage Labels Overview

Two things that differentiate beverages in a store are bottles and labels. Beverage producers are becoming more aware of the impact labels have on their potential customers and are putting more effort into label design. Quality drink and good taste will keep customers coming back for more, but labels, with their clear information and eye-catching design, are what make the customers buy the beverages in the first place.

There are as many labels for beverages, as there are beverage bottle shapes. That is why choosing a particular beverage label isn’t an easy job. Things to consider when buying or making beverage labels are: label stock, label adhesive, printing type, storage conditions, color options, dimensions, information requirements by the government, things that can make the beverage more interesting, etc.

As the market expands and new technology imposes new ideas on the manufacturers, they need to be in line with the consumer’s wishes. Though some wineries and breweries haven’t changed their label’s design since they started producing beverages, most manufacturers would like to be as creative and as innovative as possible.

Beverage Label Pros will now guide you through these pages and introduce you to everything you need to know about beverage labels.