Beverage Labels Stock

Beverage labels consist of elements that need to be carefully considered before making a purchase and printing the chosen label. Having an eye-catching label will help the manufacturer sell it, but aside from the catchy design, there are technical elements to consider in a label. One of the most important elements is – label stock.

Since beverages are usually stored for a longer period of time, sometimes in room temperatures and sometimes in refrigerators, and since these bottles need to endure very different temperatures from bottling to refrigerating, beverage labels need to be durable and water resistant.

The type of a beverage label stock will depend on:

Some of the most used beverage label materials (stock) are:

Most beverage label materials need to be water resistant, because most bottles are exposed to moisture at some point.

Wine labels are sometimes tested by something called an Ice Bucket Test (emerging the wine in an ice bucked for 12 to 24 hours, to test whether the label will fall apart), and therefore wine labels most certainly need to be water resistant.